My sponsors that help me in my future endeavours


My main sponsor that provides me with the essentials, bike, shoes, helmets, you name it, they have it! Proud to present Cykloteket as a partner!

Apollo och Playitas

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Thanks to Apollo and Playitas I can escape the Swiss and Swedish winter to train in paradise for triathletes in Fuerteventura on world-class training grounds: Playitas!


I’m proud to have 2XU as my main equipment sponsor. Even with exceptional and industry leading quality, 1K of training hours takes its toll, therefore it’s really nice to have 2XU backing me up. So I always can swim in the best wetsuits available and that my training outfit looks stunning!

SPIF Triathlon

Min första och enda triathlonklubb. Har man väl en gång blivit medlem finns det inga anledningar att inte fortsätta vara det!

Gunnar Eld Photography

If you see a really cool picture on this site, you can beat on that Gunnar has taken it!

Umara Sports

Min sportdryckssponsor som löst alla mina magproblem och hjälpt mig att prestera på topp!

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