Fat to fit

My journey from overweight to become a national Ironman Champion

Millennium Party

Suit size: 156

Weight kg: 115

Weight Lbs: 254

Little did I know about the journey that was ahead of me!

One last bulge out

Suit size: 156

Weight kg: 116

Weight Lbs: 256

One hell of a Ice-cream party! Although no more candy or snacks for a whole millenium for me. Do notice that I “wisely” choosed fat free milk 😉

First Ironman Finish

Weight kg: 82

Weight Lbs: 181

Many small choices along the road had transformed me from fat to rather fit, did my first Ironman with a more than okey time. 200m before the finishline I decided to aim for Sub10 hours the next year

First Sub 10 hour Ironman

Weight kg: 85

Weight Lbs: 187

Longer and more frequently bike-rides had given me a better engine and a very “fast” swim course made it quite simple for me to achieve my first sub10 IM. Now I knew I had to improve my running as well, to be able to qualify for Kona!

First Ironman National Champion medal

Weight kg: 79

Weight Lbs: 172

With a new Coach: Patrik Tjärdal, I managed to improve my run quite well. In 2005 I won my age group in IM Wisconsin, after an Ironman that was by far the most cruelsome I have ever done so far.

The picutre (taken by my brother!) is from when I took my first Swedish national championship medal in Kalmar(Ironman distance), in 2006

Kona Finisher

Weight kg: 76

Weight Lbs: 167

My first and only Kona finish, so far. Loved Kona, but not the race, instead I switched focus to go for the gold at the nationals! Even though I raced really conservative (had spent a fortune to get there and the larger part of my family were there watching, so not finishing was out of the equation!), it’s quite easy to count the Swedes that have beaten my time after 2006.

First Sub9h Ironman

Weight kg: 80

Weight Lbs: 176

My first Sub 9 hour IM, a really rough swim made my goal to go under 9 hours harder than calculated. Once again I got a national bronze medal

Personal best but defeated

Weight kg: 81

Weight Lbs: 178

Did 8:48 and a nice PB. But even though I was in my best shape ever, something felt wrong from the early stage of the swim. I ended up in the hospital after the race so in retrospect maybe I shouldn’t have finished, although I did a PB, no doubt I was in great shape. 4:th place and no medal.

Bronze medal again…

Weight kg: 81

Weight Lbs: 178

I have no idea what happend in 2009. I did 8:48 or so. Blew up after the bike, luckily for me the one tailing me did as well. Think I trained a little to easy, wasn’t in my best shape. Happy to leave Kalmar with a bronze medal.

Ironman Swedish Champion

Weight kg: 81

Weight Lbs: 178

Finally! After had set as a goal to win Kalmar in 2006 I finally did it, in 2010! I had have a great season where my swim coach (Magnus Kjellberg) had given me a lot of valuable input. I also had my best training camp ever in Nice, with Anders Christensson. Was highly motivated after my defeat by Martin Flinta in the Duathlon National Championship. Was really happy to cross the finishline as number one and with a great time: 8:35:20!

Want to now more how I did it? Don’t hesitate to contact me for a very motivational speech or lecture about training. I love to talk about training, to beginners or to those who wants to qualify for Kona!

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