Facts about David Näsvik

You are probably not here to read about my professional career as one of the best SAP Consultant in northern Europe, hopefully you are more interested in my project to be as fast as possible at the Ironman Distance (3.8km swim, 180.2km bike, 42.2km run), because that’s what this site is about.

I have actually not been an athlete for my entire life. In my youth I aimed for air rifle shooting as my only exercising, I wished I then had known how that would impact my future vo2max capacity. Nevertheless being twelve years old and 6’2 (193cm) tall I thought that it would give me some advantage in basketball. Sadly length wasn’t the only success factor that mattered, even worse it took me six years to realize that. During my basketball “career” I had started doing some weight lifting, not knowing better, I used the local bodybuilding expertize as my role model for training, only resulting in a lot of added weight and not the necessary strength.

I guess the added weight did some good in my next choice of sport, American football. I played tight end and defensive tackle (nose tackle). I was quite successful as a junior (weight matter in this sport, just as much in triathlon but on the other side of the scale), did actually earned two MVP game titles as a senior player. One good thing during this period was that I did some spinning to complement the training.

Somehow I managed to get canned from football, since I played without a license due to mid-season change of teams. Working as an IT-consultant, doing no exercising and being the regular at the local pizzeria was a bad combination for my “fitness”. It went so far that the pizza guy called me up and offered me pizza for half price, pizzas that other customer had ordered but not picked up. Inevitable I gained a lot of weight, turning north of 115kg (253lbs) I realized that something had to be done. Therefore at the millenniums eve I ended up giving myself a new year’s resolution of not eating candy or snacks, starting out as one year somehow as the night progressed it turned out to be for one millennium. Might sounds kind of ridicules (even though I still haven’t eaten candy or snacks), it was a really good mental starting point for me.

I started to walk to and from work and picked up spinning. My diet was simple, always choose the healthiest choice when eating out for lunch, however not salad, since that was what I ate for dinner. My weight loss was instant, which motivated me to exercise more. I figured: “hey what can I do that’s the most mind challenging but effective way to lose weight”, my conclusion was: running. Still remember my first run session. For some stupid reason I didn’t liked the idea of running in the central of Stockholm not being fit, so the time was 00:30 (AM) when I finally manned up and went out. Trust me on this one, if you don’t want attention, don’t run in the middle of the night being as big as I was then.

In four month I managed to lose 20kg and after two weeks in Bulgaria (having stomach flu four times…) I was on the right side of 90kg scale, only eight months after my new year’s resolution.

My former employer had their own Triathlon race for the employees. I thought, hey this could be fun. Distances was 100m swimming, 10km bike, 3km run. One of the two triathletes at the company lent me his old bike (size 54 quite small for my big frame). Nowadays I understand the humiliation he must have felt when I passed him on the bike leg. Luckily for me he still convinced me to join the triathlon club he was training with, SPIF Triathlon.

Early on I assessed my abilities as a future triathlete and it was quite obvious that my limited swimming skills left me for the longer distances, that will say the Ironman distance.

Seven years later I managed to win the Swedish championship over that distance. Hopefully my future will be as exciting to follow! Want to now more how I did it? Don’t hesitate to contact me for a very motivational speech or lecture about training. I love to talk about training, to beginners or to those who wants to qualify for Kona!

  • vo2max: 5.64 l/min 70.5 l/min/kg
  • Resting HR: 36
  • HR max: 190
  • Height: 195cm 6’4
  • Weight inseason: 78kg
  • Weight offseason: 80-84kg
  • DOB: 1979
  • Du är alltid så fokuserad och snarstucken, stämmer verkligen det?

    Tyvärr så kan det stämma väldigt bra om det är på t.ex tävlingsmorgonen innan en viktig tävling, eller inför viktiga träningspass men rent generellt så tar jag mig oftast tid till att svara på frågor, så var aldrig rädd för att prata med mig, även om jag kanske ser väldigt fokuserad ut. Tänk även på att jag kan vara trött ibland, varför en liten pratstund lätt skulle pigga upp!

    Har ni en fråga var inte rädd att använda “contact”-fliken längst ner!

  • Ironman: 8:28, Ironman Kalmar 2012
  • Olympic distance: 1:57, Örserum 2009
  • 10000m: 34:01
  • 5000m: 16:12
  • Half Marathon: 1:14
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